Mentoring programs


Boys to Men/ Sisters to Women Program

The Boys to Men/ Sister to Women Mentoring program was established in Stamford Connecticut under the leadership of Mr. George H. Johnson R who passionately believes that spending quality time with a student on a one-to one basis is the most meaningful and rewarding contribution that one can make to their community.
The Mission of the Mentoring Program is to link a young child with an adult who will then provide consistent support through a one-one mentoring relationship, encouraging the student as he/she faces new challenges in their lives.
 The Boys to Men/Sister to Women Mentoring Program recruits, carefully screens and trains adults to act as a positive mentor to the men tees
When it comes to the future of our children and the well being of our communities we're all in this together. The Mentoring Program needs and requires the parent(s) and the guardians of the men tees to be involved every step of the way.


Student of The Year Program

The Student of The year Awards Program is designed to recognize outstanding elementary, middle/junior high, and high school students. This program is an excellent opportunity to recognize those students who have demonstrated excellent academic achievement, leadership ability, and citizenship.

Become A Mentor


Giving Back Program

The Giving Back to the Community Program is define as the act of doing something for the good of society, a community or subset thereof with no expectation of reimbursement for time, energy  or actions. The mission for The Giving Back Program is to provide goods or services needed by a specific population or community.